Shea and Coconut Butter Body Balm with Heart Chakra supporting essential oils. Whether you use it as a body butter, to enhance your meditation, or balance your chakra, you'll love the smell and feel on your skin.


Chakra Support 

In simple terms, Chakras are energy centers within our bodies that correspond with the key emotional developments needed to become our best selves/ reach self actualization / enlighten.


The key emotional development governed by the Heart Chakra is: Connection / Love.


When the Heart Chakra is balanced, one has a feeling of connection to self and others, and a healthy balance of compassion and grief/resentment. When imbalanced one often feels loss of connection, lack of caring, and is dominated by grief, resentment, or forced compassion.


Inspired Journey Balm

This listing is for one tin of the Journey Balm only. Tin is .4 fl oz. You may also be interested in a Heart Chakra support kit, package, or chakra sets.

Inspired Journey Balm HEART