Seed Mala Necklace made lovingly with seeds of Job's Tears plant and organic silk tassel. 

Fair Trade and handmade in India.

Suggested Use
As with all mala's, this beautiful piece can be 
☆ worn as a reminder, 
☆ a tactile tool to help us reconnect to our goals, our spirit, our prayers,
☆ a counter/tracker for repeating affirmations, mantras, and/or breaths

How I Use Mine
Each time I see it or touch it I am reminded of the seed's biblical namesake~ Job and how much loss and grief he endured.  Loss is universal and I connect to my own loss and the loss I've witnessed, as well as our resiliency, when I choose this mala. I also think of Mother Theresa as these seeds were her chosen material for her mala practice.

Job's Tears Vaijanti Seed Mala