Black lava stone aromatherapy Mala beads with large raw clear crystal quartz chunk and black tassel. Lava stone is naturally porous, simply add 1-2 drops essential oil.  Works great with our journey oils!
Mala Necklace
108+1 beads. Fair Trade and made in India.

Suggested Use
As with all mala's, this beautiful piece can be 
☆ worn as a reminder, 
☆ a tactile tool to help us reconnect to our goals, our spirit, our prayers,
☆ a counter/tracker for repeating affirmations, mantras, and/or breaths

How I Use Mine
This mala is certainly commanding and striking to wear.  I connect with it's open rawness and powerful nature when I choose this mala.

Lava Stone Aromatherapy Mala Necklace