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In simple terms, Chakras are energy centers within our bodies that correspond with the key emotional developments needed to become our best selves/ reach self actualization / enlighten.

The key emotional development governed by the sacral chakra is: Our ability to feel / sense


When the Sacral Chakra is balanced, one has stable energy, alertness, unblocked emotions, is connected to all senses and has a healthy balance of guilt and creativity. 

When imbalanced one often feels repressed, disconnected from the senses,

and is dominated by guilt/responsibility or compulsive creativity.


Inspired Sacral Tools

Aromatherapy Balm

This balm was made from the best ingredients  exclusively for Inspired Release by a local mixtress.  Whether you use it daily as a body butter, to enhance your meditation, or balance your chakra,  you'll  love the smell and feel on your skin. Click link below for the pictured 1oz size; 2oz is also available via email request.


Balm Toolkit includes:

~ Journey Balm ~

~ 1 month meditaiton subscription ~

~ coupon for Inspired Release private session ~ 


Enjoy as inspired.  


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Aromatherapy Oil

Free Breath Meditation

This unique blend of essential oils allows the scent to truly linger, a welcomed reminder to be present and aware.  Made exclusively for Inspired Release, our sacral blend features a subtle floral aroma


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Enjoy this breath meditation on Inspired Release!  We are pleased to provide a weekly meditation video subscription to those who purchase our tools.  

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