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"Thankyou. Your guidance and pace were excellent. I felt moments of surrender just when I needed it"

KIM (Girls Day in)

"That Belly dance class made me feel 100%women in charge, watch out world here I come"

Anna (Bellydance)


I am Keyona Aviles, LMHC ~ an actively healing daughter, sister, mother, friend, wife, and healer.

"I consider it the highest honor to be invited into the vulnerable, static, and sometimes dark, places of people’s lives. With earned permission, I help everyday people touch the places where the possibility for exploration, change, and understanding has often been overlooked. Through my wellness boutique and private practice, Inspired Release, I help everyday people to put in the work necessary to allow healing and fullness of life to flow free".


Why Mental Health is important

Mental health is a fundamental aspect of human existence, influencing every aspect of life. It is not just the absence of mental illness but a positive state of well-being that allows individuals to live fulfilling, productive lives and contribute to the well-being of society. Prioritizing mental health is essential for emotional well-being, cognitive function, physical health, maintaining relationships, productivity, resilience in the face of challenges, and overall quality of life. It fosters self-esteem and self-worth, social engagement, and community involvement. By addressing mental health, we can prevent mental illness, reduce its economic impact, and uphold the fundamental human rights of all individuals to have their mental well-being respected and protected, free from stigma or discrimination.

Mental health is essential for overall well-being and life satisfaction.

It influences emotional, cognitive, and physical health, as well as relationships

Good mental health fosters resilience, productivity, and social engagement.

Prioritizing mental health can prevent mental illness and reduce economic burdens.

Upholding mental health is a matter of fundamental human rights, free from stigma and discrimination.

Why you should have Corporate Wellness Coaching Services?

8 in 10 Americans will experience back pain in their lifetime.

Business owners, did you know one of the most common causes of back pain in middle-aged Americans is time spent sitting hunched over computers. Likewise, nearly 4 in 10 office workers will experience lower back pain. Additionally, back pain is one of the most common reasons for missing a day of work. Our corporate wellness program can help you boost office morale, increase return on investment and cut costs. Why? We provide comprehensive assessment, simple workplace exercise, chair massage therapy, wellness retreats, among others. Also, you get:

Highly Trained Specialists

High Service Standards

Custom Solutions

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“I am SHOCKED how spending this small amount of time with you has opened up so much in my life.”

- Barbara (Meditation Sangha)

“The inspired release practice offers a heart-centered therapeutic practice. Your geta therapist, personal trainer and yoga teacher.”

- Linda Wells

“It's been a LONG time since I gave myself a chance to just sit and be. Now I know what it means to have an inspired Release.”

- Michelle (Massage)