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We've all had moments where things seem to just fall into place, moments that feel nothing short of divinely aligned. At Inspired Release, we offer space, guidance, and sustainable access to the type of contemplative practices that create more of those moments. And you don't have to go away on vacation, or to a far away place, to enjoy them, we offer these practices because they work right in the midst of your demanding, ever-changing, imperfect, everyday life.

Keyona Aviles, LMHC, our founder, recently opened a home-based wellness boutique / private practice where she provides therapy and treatment to women, youth, and their families. She has integrated her 15 years of clinical mental health experience with what she knows to be true for herself and so many others: awareness of the body, movement, and curiosity are crucial to emotional/mental well being and soul level healing.

At Inspired Release we maximize the healing and level of wellness experienced by our guests by engaging in contemplative practices, within the context of supportive, nurturing, community. We do so with the intention to raise curiosity, movement, and awareness of our habitual patterns, transforming how we experience and are experienced in our day-to-day living.

​Keyona Aviles, LMHC, earned her Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a specialization in holistic practice from Lesley University. Her belief in the body as instrumental in mental and emotional healing led her to become an ACE certified personal trainer in 2003, AFAA certified Group Exercise Instructor in 2006​, Vinyasa Yoga instructor in 2009, and to train with Project Adventure in Adventure Based Counseling. When she is not counseling or guiding workshops, Keyona enjoys spending time with her family, dancing, and creating expressive art pieces.

- Keyona Aviles, LMHC, Lead Inspirator, Practitioner, Therapist, and Founder

By truly integrating contemplative, holistic practices into our everyday lives we allow healing and fullness of life to flow free. Practices like mindful movement & dance. In my family movement/dance was how we expressed our deepest emotions, how we praised our God, how we shared ourselves when words failed. So when vinyasa yoga came to me, a practice that joins breath, movement, and creates reflective space, it felt both foreign and very familiar. It was a new way to access the healing available within myself; a way into myself through simple body movements.

The way I teach is heavily influenced by the shapes, sizes, and flows found in my large family, the many forms of water around our New England and island homes, and my own body. I am grateful for gifts gained from learning with Rolf Gates, Micheline Berry, Leslie Salmon Jones, Carrie Tyler, Sue Jones, Tom Myers, Antigravity and Aerial yoga.”

- Keyona Aviles, LMHC

~ Keyona Aviles, LMHC

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