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I love my country

By which I mean

I am indebted joyfully

To all the people throughout its history

Who have fought the government to make right

Where so many cunning sons and daughters

Our fore mothers and forefathers

Came singing through slaughter

Came through hell and high water

So that we could stand here

And behold breathlessly the sight

How a raging river of tears

Is cutting a grand canyon of light

~ Ani DiFranco

In TIMBo community we often refer to ourselves as midwives, helping other women labor through the hardest parts of the healing process, doing the work of returning to a place of trust and knowing their body's strength and limitations from the inside. We can do so confidently because we have not only witnessed hundreds of other women do so, we've done it ourselves.

These two beloved wordsmiths, Angelou and DiFranco, remind me of the power of a woman's bearing and the power that's present when she is borne again, coming home to herself. This month I ask you, what else do you bear in? bear witness to? who helps you? who / what bears you up in prayer? in love? in partnership?