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A little listen to day 2 of black history bootcamp part 1/3

My name is Morgan Dixon I'm one of the cofounders of girl Trek and I just want to personally welcome you to today's walk and talk...

Listen, there are 1000s of you, calling in from across the country and you better believe that our footsteps pounding the pavement; The oxygen that is pumping through our breath together collectively in solidarity matters. You better believe that we are stepping out a solution for our own lives that we are bringing health to our bodies, to our minds, to our families to our communities with every step we take, and we take steps in reference and in honor of all of the women who walked before us. And listen, when that man started acting crazy last night, we switch gears in the middle of the night, and we said we have to celebrate the greatest of all times, the best grassroots organizer in the history of America and her name is Ella Baker. So today we will be talking about Ella Baker, we will let her words guide us...

I'm assuming like many of the folks who have called in from all over just a mix of exhaustion, a mix of emotion. I'm feeling overwhelmed I'm feeling sad, but I'm actually feeling prepared and ready. So for all of you who are out there, and you call them today because you may be needed some hope you might have needed some inspiration, maybe you need some direction you are in the right place. There were 1000s of women yesterday Morgan who, and I was talking about this earlier today with you. And our team. They literally shifted the atmosphere, in this country, everyone who has been walking on day one, everyone who just came to share some energy and so I'm here to give and receive in this moment, I do believe and I'm so grateful that we changed, talk about Ella Baker. We are literally continuing her legacy. And we literally are continuing the legacy of our foremothers our pure survival. Our pure breathing of air our pure walking are continuing to hug smile love show up for each other and ourselves. This is the resistance movement so I'm so happy to be talking about Ella today.